Tuition & Other Registration Information

2020 – 2021 School Year

Tuition Rates:

  • 1 child = $5574.24 annual (12 mo @ $464.52 or 10 mo @ $557.42)

  • 2 children = $10,256.60 annual (12 mo @ $854.72 or 10 mo @ $1,025.66)

  • 3 plus children = $15,050.45 annual (12 mo @ 1,254.20 or 10 mo @ $1,505.05)

Tuition Payment:

Tuition may be paid in ten equal monthly payments beginning August 1, 2018 or twelve equal monthly payments beginning July 1, 2018.  Payments are due the 1st of the month. A $50.00 late fee is charged for tuition paid after the 5th of the month.  Payments made during July and August must be mailed on or before the 5th of the month to avoid incurring a late fee.

Annual Registration Fee

The annual registration fee is $350.00 per student.  This fee is used to pay costs directly related to the education of your child. The registration fee is due when you officially register online.  Deadline for registration is May 1, 2020.  A late fee of $50 may be charged if the registration fee is paid after May 1, 2020.


Each family has an obligation to raise $400.00 through SCRIP card purchases by March 31, 2019.  If a family chooses not to participate in the SCRIP program, they agree to pay the $400 buyout.  For detailed information on our SCRIP program, please go to the Support --> SCRIP tab

Parent Participation Hours

  •  30 Hours/Year for 2 Parent Family
  •  15 Hours/Year for 1 Parent Family

Every week suggestions for earning parent hours are included in the weekly newsletter and class newsletters.  If you feel you cannot meet this obligation due to a family situation or similar, please notify the school office.  A charge of $30.00 per hour for each hour that a family is below their 30-hour / 15-hour obligation.  The deadline to earn parent hours is May 1st.  Parents have the option to opt out of parent hours for a one-time fee of:  $900 for a two parent family and $450 for a single parent family.  

For more information on school events for earning parent hours, go to School Life --> Parent-Teacher Group tab.

Tuition Assistance

The Diocese of Fresno provides tuition assistance to the neediest families regardless of their religious denomination.  Saint Ann School also offers in-house tuition assistance with limited funds.  In order to apply for tuition assistance, you must first use the FACTS Tuition Management & Financial Aid Service.  Go to for filing online.  The cost is $24.00 and families have until April 17th to apply.  After submittal of your application to FACTS, please schedule an appointment with the Principal to further discuss your tuition assistance needs.  Appointments will not be scheduled until the FACT application is completed.

Extended Day Program (EDP)

For information on our Extended Day Program, please go to School Life --> Extended Day Program tab.

Benefit Dinner Raffle Ticket

 The cost of each raffle ticket is $250.  All families are obligated to purchase or sell one raffle ticket prior to one week before the event date, typically in late January or early February.  Those wishing to sell, rather than purchase, their tickets may sign up in the school office.  If a family does not sell or buy their ticket, the $250 will be added to their tuition.