Second Grade

Shelbie Firouzi

I grew up in Ridgecrest and taught at Saint Ann School as my first job out of college.  Fifteen years ago I met my husband, who was stationed here at the time, and we set off on a Navy adventure.  I have been lucky enough to teach in school districts throughout the country, meeting different people and children from all walks of life. Last summer we returned to Ridgecrest for another Navy tour and I am thrilled to be back at Saint Ann School!  I have a Bachelor's Degree in Education and a Clear Multiple Subject Clear Credential.  I also earned my Masters of Science Degree in Education with a concentration in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment.

Service Project

Second grade collects mittens & gloves of all sizes for men, women, and children as part of Saint Ann School's Service Theme, "Warmth Around the World".  The mittens & gloves are handed out with food donations at the Saint Ann Church Food Bank.