2018 - 2019 On-line Registration Instructions

New and Returning Family Enrollment

1) Go to https://secure.gradelink.com/567/enrollment

2) Log in

     For new families, create your own account and hit the “Register” button.

     You will receive an email confirmation and be directed to the website.

     Follow the prompts as directed to log in and register.

     For returning families, use your gradelink password to log in.

3) Complete fields highlighted in red.  Hit the “Continue” button, as you complete each section.

4) Type your name in the "Signature" block and date in the “Date” block.

     Enter your initials and hit “Submit”.

                                           Your registration is complete!

              For information on tuition rates, registration fees, and other obligations...

                           Please go to Support --> Admissions --> Tuition tab.