Music Program

~ Updated for 2021/22 School Year ~

Saint Ann School offers orchestra for 3rd to 8th grades and choir for all grades. Each class is responsible for providing music and singing at the Friday school mass. To prepare, music classes for each grade includes choir rehearsals every week. Due to COVID restrictions, band is not offered at this time, but will be offered at a future date.

Music classes for each grade at Saint Ann School are taught in the classical style of music literacy and serious preparation for public performance. This approach gives students a unique and competitive edge that is very necessary in this fast-paced world. All students, kindergarten through eighth grade learn music theory and comprehension which develop their minds to a high degree. This helps the students in other subjects that involve critical thinking and reasoning as well as creative problem and excellent memory retention.  All students practice music each week with the goal of public performance as the main focus, which grooms the students for public speaking and develops great leadership skills. 

Students practice the discipline of singing, note reading, and performance practices designed to help them with leadership and confidence. They learn to play different instruments such as piano, various percussion instruments, strings, winds and ukuleles. In addition to note reading, students are trained to analyze all types of music from domestic pop to music from other cultures and their historical context in which they were composed. Students are taught how to compose their own music as well as how to improvise in ways to express themselves. 

Students get the opportunity to perform various secular and sacred works in recitals and at mass throughout the school year. These performances teach the students the collaboration process where students learn to support each other facilitating their growth as musicians. 

Saint Ann School Music Teacher, Ms. Bianca Samaniego

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