School Marketing

~ Updated for 2022/23 School Year ~

Marketing of Saint Ann School is important to promote the school so that student enrollment is increased or sustained.  A Marketing Committee may be formed by friends and family of the school.  The committee works closely with the Parent-Teacher Group and the Advisory Council. 

Efforts promoted by the Marketing Committee include upkeep of the Saint Ann School website and Facebook pages, along with other advertising efforts, such as newspaper articles, brochures, flyers, inserts to the Church bulletins, and interaction with the local Navy installation & community.  The school also participates in other functions around Ridgecrest to increase its public awareness, such as the Christmas Parade, Parade of 1000 Flags, and Education Fair. While those efforts are important, the Diocese School Superintendent  met with the Advisory Council and emphasized that:

• the most important effort we can do to increase enrollment is brag about our school. 

• we as Christians are taught humility and, therefore, are not good at bragging, BUT bragging is the best advertising and it is FREE. 

So please help increase enrollment by . . . 

-  Just simple statements to your family and friends like “We just love Saint Ann School”.

-  Positive attitudes & prayers! 

-  Post on Facebook your positive experiences at Saint Ann School

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