Commitee Membership  


   Jason Patin - President

   Vacant - Secretary

   Diane Bishop

   Mike Byrne

   Laurie Ostermann

   Jeff Roquemore

   Melanie Rossi


   Kim Llanos - President

   Alfredo Hernandez - Vice President

   Anna Torres - Secretary

   Cori Muhle - Treasurer

  Enrollment Committee

   Laurie Ostermann - Chair

   Debbie Arlow

   Diane Bishop - Facebook Administrator
   Alfredo Hernandez - Backup Facebook Administrator

   Kim Llanos/Sandi Rosas/Melanie Rossi/Anna Torres


   School Website

   John Murphy

   Tech Committee

   Guy Garot

   Erik Laskey

   John Murphy

      August                                                           PTG SCHEDULE 2016-2017 
Tuesday 16th @  5:00 pm                               PTG officers only meeting - school library
Tuesday 23rd @ 6:30 pm                                Back to school night
Tuesday 30th @ 6:30 pm                                Room parent orientation - school library
                                                                             *nominate head room parent
Tuesday 6th @ 6:30 pm                                  First general PTG meeting - school library
Tuesday 4th @ 6:30 pm                                 PTG meeting - school library
Friday 28th @ 6:00-8:00 pm                       Fall Festival
TBD                                                                    Holiday Pie Baking
Tuesday 8th @ 6:30 pm                                 PTG meeting - school library
Friday-Saturday 11th -13th                            Holiday Bazaar
Tuesday 6th @ 6:30 pm                                 PTG meeting - school library

 TBD                Balloon Raffle & Pancake Breakfast  to coincide with children’s mass

Jan 9th –Feb 3rd                                              Catholic Schools week
Tuesday 10th @ 6:30 pm                                PTG - school library
Friday 13th @ 6:00-7:00 pm                          Family Fun Night
                                                                      *middle schoolers to facilitate craft tables
TBD                                                                     Run-a-Thon
Tuesday 7th @ 6:30 pm                                       PTG meeting - school library
Saturday 11th   doors open @ 6:00 pm            Benefit Raffle Dinner
Tuesday 28th right after morning assembly   PTG sponsored   National Pancake Day
Tuesday 7th @ 6:30 pm                                PTG meeting - school library
Lent Fridays                                                     Fish fry
Tuesday 11th @ 6:30 pm                              PTG - school library
TBD (week of 24th)                                       Spring Festival
                                                                      Dinner/Dance for adults only
Tuesday 9th @ 6:30 pm                                PTG meeting - school library
 TBD                                                                  Ice Cream Social?
Friday 19th                                           Sports Day /End of school year picnic
Parent-StudentHdbk 2016-2017
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