Parent-Teacher Group

The purpose of the Saint Ann School Parent-Teacher Guild (PTG) is to create a closer relationship between the school, the home, and the parish, and to give spiritual and material support to the school.  The services that PTG provides helps to operate, maintain, and improve the school.  Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month, except December.   Active involvement in PTG activities enhances the sense of community  and shows students that parents are vitally interested in the school and their education.  PTG organizes three major fund-raisers throughout the school year.  PTG also organizes events to promote fellowship.  

For photographs of PTG events, please go to the School Events tab.


The Holiday Bazaar is open to the public and held in the Parish Hall typically the second weekend in November.  The Bazaar has a Christmas theme and is open all day Friday & Saturday and Sunday until 1PM.  Booths are sold to vendors who sell hand-made crafts.

At the Holiday Bazaar Saint Ann School also sells new books at the Book Bazaar, sells parent- & student-made crafts, sells home-made baked goods, and runs a raffle table with donated items from local businesses.  Additionally, each grade’s room parent decorates a small Christmas tree with donations from school families.   Each tree has a different theme.  Past themes were movie night, chocolate lovers, backyard BBQ, and game night.  On Sunday morning of the Holiday Bazaar fresh-baked cinnamon rolls are sold.  Lastly, Bazaar-goers can purchase fresh-made food from the kitchen for lunch and dinner.  Food is sold for eat-in or take-out and includes hamburgers and french fries, Indian fry bread (sweet or as a tostada), and an assortment of Mexican food.


This event is held at the City’s Kerr-McKee Center before the start of Lent, usually in late January or early- to mid-February.  The focus of the event is the raffle.  Only 200 raffle tickets are sold for $250 per ticket.  So the odds of winning are quite good!  A raffle ticket may be split between two or more purchasers.  Saint Ann School also offers an Installment Payment Plan for current school families to pay for the ticket over several months.  The rules for the Installment Payment Plan is on the School News --> Flyers tab.  

Each raffle ticket includes two dinner tickets.  Additional dinner tickets may be purchased for an additional fee.  This event is very popular with the local community with about 400 attendees each year.   The grand prize for winning the raffle is $13,000.  Other cash prizes are also given to raffle ticket holders.  Door prizes are given away throughout the evening for many of the ticket holders that do not win cash prizes.  Most of the door prizes are donated from local businesses.

PTG hires a local restaurant to provide a catered sit-down or buffet dinner.  Middle School students wait the dinner tables.  The school also organizes two silent auctions.  One silent auction is for fancy desserts donated by local businesses or hand-made by family and friends of the school.  The second silent auction is for craft projects made by the room parents from each class.


Each Friday during Lent, except Good Friday, PTG holds a fish fry in the Parish Hall from 5 PM to 7 PM.  Dinners are available for eat-in or take-out and include fried fish with french fries and cole slaw.  This event is also popular with the public.  Attendees enjoy socializing with friends & family.  Some bring a fancy table setting and others play games while waiting for their dinner.  Homemade desserts and wine & beer are also available to purchase.


PTG also organizes several other smaller events throughout the school year to promote fellowship within the school.  Movie nights, Family Fun nights, the Halloween-themed Fall Festival, and Pancake Breakfasts for the students are examples.  These events are closed to the public.  This year’s Fall Festival includes a Haunted House in the Parish Hall.  Lastly, PTG organizes smaller fund-raising events, such as Holiday pie baking and chocolate bar sales.