Saint Ann School SCRIP Program 

The SCRIP program is a fundraiser for our school. The school receives a percentage from national and local businesses from sales of gift cards, known as SCRIP.

For example, if you purchase a $100 SCRIP card for Albertson’s that has a 5% rebate, our school receives $5 from Albertson’s.

You use the $100 card for your groceries just as you would a debit card. Your regular household shopping dollars earn money for our school without you spending an additional penny.

Types of SCRIP Purchases

1) Plastic gift cards

2) SCRIP Now – Download SCRIP from the website. If you pay with PrestoPay, you can print your SCRIP immediately. If you choose to pay by check or cash, our SCRIP coordinator will need to approve the purchase before printing the SCRIP.

3) Reload – When Reload SCRIP is chosen from the website and you pay with PrestoPay, your order is processed immediately.

4) – Pay for your SCRIP purchase via Presto Pay and you can view your scrip certificate on your phone.

Show the certificate on your phone to the cashier for scanning and the purchase will automatically be deducted.

Your balance will still be in your “ScripWallet” for future use.

How do I purchase SCRIP

1) Purchase SCRIP cards at the school office.

2) Preorder through by 8:30 on Mondays.  To register go to “How to Enroll” & then “Join Your Existing SCRIP Program”.

 The school’s enrollment code is 25L431848721. Follow the 5 steps to register.

 PrestoPay Presto Pay allows you to pay for SCRIP online.

 When you use PrestoPay, your order payment is transferred securely via ACH  electronic debit from your bank account.

 Your PrestoPay account is secured by your 4-digit PIN.

 The PrestoPay link is on the “Dashboard” after you log in.


Some Local Vendors Who Participate in Our SCRIP Program


Albertson’s/Arby’s/Baskin Robbins/Big 5/Burger King/Carl’s Jr

Casa Corona/Casey’s/China Express/Chevron/Del Taco/Denny’s/Dominos

Famous Footwear/Golden Dragon/Home Depot/Jack-in-the-Box

Jewelry To Go/JoAnn/Kmart/Little Caesars/Marshalls/McDonalds

Olveras/Papa Johns/Pizza Factory/Pizza Hut/Rite Aid/Shell/Starbucks

Stater Bros/Subway/Taco Bell/Tender Cuts/Walmart/Walgreens