Music Program



Each class, from Kindergarten to 8th Grade, meets for classroom music once a week. According to grade level, students work on developing a general understanding of music theory; studying music history and learning good listening skills; writing their own songs; and playing a wide range of instruments, including percussion, Orff instruments, hand chimes and hand bells, recorder, guitar or ukulele, and keyboard. Each grade performs at the Christmas program and at the Fine Arts Program, in addition to singing and playing instruments at weekly school Masses.


Students in Beginning Orchestra have the opportunity to begin learning a string instrument of their choice. The orchestra performs at the Fine Arts Program, and students may be invited to play their instrument at school Masses or other performing events in the community.

In addition to playing fun, exciting orchestra music, students learn the basics of their instrument

— including proper technique, sight-reading, and instrument care — while developing strong ensemble and leadership skills.

Beginning orchestra is open to students in Grades 5 – 8 who do not yet have experience playing a string instrument. Beginning orchestra students are required to fulfill practice requirements and complete listening homework each week.


Band provides middle school students with the opportunity to play together as an ensemble and prepare music for performance at events across the school year, culminating in a showcase at the Fine Arts Program in May.

In rehearsals, students work on developing instrumental technique while mastering fun ensemble works and growing as collaborative musicians. Band students also help accompany younger grades in performance and are welcome to play their instruments at school Masses throughout the year.Band is open to all students who have participated in band in previous years, as well as students in Grades 6 - 8 who already have a minimum of one year of private instruction on their current woodwind, brass, or string instrument. Band students are required to fulfill practice requirements and complete listening homework each week.


Students in the Concert Choir prepare a wide range of music from around the world for performances across the school year. They have a key role in the school’s annual Christmas program and are featured at Open House and in the Fine Arts Program in the spring. Concert Choir students may also be invited to sing at other community events.

The focus during rehearsals is on developing good singing technique, ensemble skills, and a beautiful choral sound while learning fun, exciting music from many different musical eras and cultures.

All students in Grades 3 - 5 participate in Concert Choir as a class. Middle school students are encouraged to register for Concert Choir as well.


Students in the Mass Choir serve by helping to lead music at school Masses. They participate in selecting music each week and preparing liturgically-appropriate music for each season, while serving the school and Saint Ann Church through their musical and creative gifts.

Rehearsals are focused on practicing the week’s hymns, the Psalm refrain, Gospel Acclamation, and other parts of the Mass. Students who register for Mass Choir are divided into groups, which rehearse and sing at Mass on rotating weeks, so each student is only responsible for attending rehearsal and singing in the choir at Mass once or twice per month.

Students in Mass Choir are also invited to sing once a month at a 10AM Sunday morning Mass at Saint Ann Church. Participation in the choir at these Sunday Masses is voluntary.

Mass Choir is open to all students in Grades 3 - 8 with permission from their class